HBO launches ‘Recommended by Humans,’ binging fans rejoice!

7 Aug 2019 - By WarnerMedia Staff

“What shows are you watching right now?”

That phrase is echoed thousands of times a day by TV super fans all over the world. And when it’s asked, you might get great show recommendations, but you also might get some less than desirable suggestions, too.

Well, HBO has just released a handy, new show recommendation tool to help you find the best offerings out there, and it’s called (yep, you guessed it), “Recommended by Humans.” The tool features more than 50 free HBO episodes, movies and documentaries – spotlighting real fans giving real recommendations. From “Succession” to “Sex and the City,” each recommendation features a series or film trailer plus the premiere episode or full film – all available to stream for free – so check it out and you just might find your next favorite HBO obsession!

Get all the exciting details about HBO’s “Recommended by Humans” tool right here.