Cartoon Network LatAm’s first e-sports final scores No. 1 games slot on YouTube

8 Aug 2019 - By WarnerMedia Staff

Cartoon Network Latin America’s new e-sports league just wrapped up a smashing debut. For the month of July, ToonTubers' stars Modercai and Rigby led gamers in Latin America on the quest to be crowned “The Best CNLA E-Sports Player.”  

Called "ToonTubers League – Overwatch Challenge," the final lasted four hours and was aired throughout Latin America on Cartoon Network’s YouTube channels. The event reached nearly 1.7 million people on TV and YouTube and was No. 1 for trending game videos on YouTube Brazil for 24 hours. During the live broadcast, "Toontubers League" was No. 1 in Brazil and No. 2 in Latin America for “most-watched lives” on YouTube’s gaming world. In Latin America, the league was the second-most-watched live event on YouTube overall in the region. 

ToonTubers is an all-encompassing gaming experience, combining game play, memes, real-time clips and interaction with fans. Rigby and Mordecai led the e-sports action battling it out in "Sonic," "Minecraft," "Rocket League," "FIFA 2018," "Crash," "Heroes of the Storm," "Overwatch," "Undertale," "God of War," "Pokémon," "Fortnite," "Mario Kart 64" and more. 

The gamers and influencers Hagazo (Brazil), PAC (Tazercraft | Brazil), TheDonato (Argentina), Kim Bonilla (Mexico), Swaggron (Chile) and JP Plays (Brazil) were all out to prove who was best at “Overwatch” and bury the competition. Brazilian gamer Hagazo, who represented the team "Mordemitos with Mordecai," took home the grand prize.