WarnerMedia helps BronzeLens Film Festival celebrate milestone anniversary

28 Aug 2019 - By WarnerMedia Staff

The BronzeLens Film Festival wrapped its 10th annual event, which took place Aug. 21-25, culminating a decade dedicated to film production for people of color and bringing attention to Atlanta as a center for film.

WarnerMedia is one of the founding sponsors of the festival, proudly sponsoring the event under the Turner name when it first launched back in 2009. To celebrate our efforts and long-time commitment to the event, BronzeLens honored WarnerMedia at the awards show with the Chairman’s award. Jennifer Dorian, general manager, TCM (Turner Classic Movies), who helped the group come up with the name “BronzeLens”, explained why we made this commitment a decade ago.

“From its earliest inception ten years ago, we (WarnerMedia) saw the merit of this unique festival to shine a light on story telling by people of color, as well as supporting the positioning of the city of Atlanta as a new entertainment player.”

BronzeLens is also committed to showcasing films and providing networking opportunities that will develop the next generation of filmmakers. Actors, directors, producers and people who just love film gather every year to take part in the many screenings, panels, masterclasses and more. This year, WarnerMedia sponsored the webisode category during the award ceremony. We awarded filmmakers from the series King Ester, about a black trans woman evacuating New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, the $2500 prize. WarnerMedia also sponsored the brunch for all of the BronzeLens award winners.

WarnerMedia wants to congratulate the BronzeLens film festival on a successful 10-year anniversary. Here’s to ten more years!