'DC Superhero Girls' fly to Cannes to showcase the rising power of female superheroes

17 Oct 2019 - By WarnerMedia Staff

MIPJunior, a major event in the global TV industry calendar, took place in Cannes last weekend, and Cartoon Network’s EMEA Kids team partnered with Warner Bros. Animation to create a strong and meaningful presence for both brands with “DC Super Hero Girls.”

Having recently rolled out in Europe and with a toy line set to launch in 2020, MIPJunior was a perfectly timed platform to highlight this fun and action-packed series, with the show’s developer and executive producer Lauren Faust at the forefront. In a session, titled “The Rising Power of Female Superheroes” on Oct. 12, Faust discussed her process for creating this new generation of female superheroes, breaking gender stereotypes and her views on the representation of girls in kids’ entertainment. The one-on-one session was hosted by Kristin Brzoznowski, executive editor of “World Screen and TV Kids,” to a full theatre of MIPJunior attendees, including broadcasters, producers and press.

Faust described how the show is “about balancing your super life with your teenage life and finding the metaphors of teenager-type coming-of-age stories and how that might look for a superhero.” With this, she explained how she wanted the stories to resonate with kids and teenagers, and “reflect back experiences they have themselves.” She made sure that despite being superheroes, her characters had “something about them which a girl can see in themselves.”

Take Wonder Woman, for example; she’s strong, disciplined and intelligent but she’s also awkward around boys and can’t drive a car. Then there’s Green Lantern who “not only wants to change the world as a hero, but she also wants to change the world as a girl.” As a teenager, she’s the activist, a pacifist and a vegan with concerns about environment sustainability. “We like to say, she’s always got a pamphlet for you to read and a petition for you to sign, which is very relevant for kids today.”

With sustainability in mind, attendees of the session were each given a reusable “DC Superhero Girls” Cartoon Network coffee mug, to carry the brand with them for the remainder of the conference.

Underpinning this activity, the Cartoon Network team once again secured official MIPJunior bags – given to all attendees at the market – with an eye-catching design featuring multiple hit Cartoon Network series and characters. Banners and branding were also placed throughout the conference venue, ensuring Cartoon Network continued its mantra of standing out from the crowd.