TNT Spain films second season of ‘Vota Juan’

7 Nov 2019 - By WarnerMedia Staff

It was one of this year’s most watched premieres on pay-TV in Spain. More than a million viewers watched the first episode and it wasn’t long before Juan Carrasco, the politician played by Javier Cámara, became a popular character in Spain. His phrases, gestures and general attitude were talked about as much by political pundits as they were by TV critics. After the resounding success of the first season, everyone was anxiously awaiting his return.

At last, the second season of “Vote for Juan” is in production in Madrid. Fans can expect more humor, more political satire and the burning ambition to take things one step further. It’s going to be called “Vamos Juan” and the story begins two years prior to end of the first season.  taken back two years after the end of the first part. Juan Carrasco has left politics behind and is leading a simple life as a biology teacher at a secondary school in Logroño, the small provincial town where he serves as mayor. However, neither his political ambition nor his vocation for public service has been abated. Aware of how much he still has to offer, Juan Carrasco decides to re-enter the fray by getting his trusted team of advisors back together, returning to Madrid and setting up a new party.

This month, a group of journalists went to see the show being filmed and Javier Cámara shared some of his thoughts about the project, “This second season is a descent into hell. It’s a series with lots of political humor, made with great attention to detail and full of fascinating color, something that hadn’t been done before in Spain.”

Almost all the characters and actors who starred in the first season take up their roles again in “Vamos Juan.” Well-known faces from Spanish cinema such as Alberto San Juan, Jesús Vidal and Anna Castillo will also be joining them. The creative team will also be bolstered by the presence of director, Borja Cobeaga, who was a key figure in the production of many box-office hits, including “Spanish Affair.” It is no exaggeration to say that a large part of the best scriptwriters and comedy producers in Spain are working on “Come on Juan.” Head of the team is showrunner Diego San José.

"'Vamos Juan' is not only the continuation of ‘Vote for Juan,’ but we also wanted it to work by itself,” says Diego San José. “We thought it was impossible for Juan Carrasco to do anything worse as a politician, but it is possible: he can create his own party. As he endeavors to do so, we will join him on a journey that will give us a privileged look into all those things that are so pervasive in our politics but which we never really see. Diego continued, “He will have to seduce the Spanish stock market, the IBEX 35, to win over the Church, get a victim to sign up to his campaign in order to use their pain for his own political advantage, and try to convince someone famous to become a minister. At the same, time he tries to make one of his dreams come true – to go and have a hair implant in Istanbul.”

The filming of “Come on Juan” started on Oct. 1 in Logroño, Javier Cámara’s hometown, and where his presence caused quite a stir. Production will then move for several weeks to Madrid. The premiere is scheduled for spring and it will be the comeback of one of Spain’s most popular politicians… at least in fiction.