15 Jan 2019 'Aquaman' Makes Waves by Crossing $1 Billion Worldwide

Warner Bros. Pictures’ Aquaman has stormed the box office, taking in more than $1 billion worldwide in just over one month.

07 Jan 2019 WarnerMedia scores four Golden Globe Awards

WarnerMedia has reason to celebrate after receiving four Golden Globe Awards at the 76th annual event in Beverly Hills.

08 Nov 2018 'Aquaman' Departs Across the Seven Seas on Multi-City Tour
The ruler of Atlantis is finally getting his own feature film and embarking on a global tour to bring it directly to his fans!
26 Sep 2018 The Singing Fool: A Warner Bros. Game-Changer Turns 90
It is well-known that the October 1927 debut of The Jazz Singer, the first movie to feature synchronized dialogue and singing, was a landmark event in the history of motion pictures. However, it was
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