Journalistic Integrity

Whether on television or online, our journalists abide by high standards of ethics and strive to adhere to stringent standards of journalistic integrity. We expect our reporters, producers and writers to be fair and honest and to confirm the facts before online articles or TV segments are released to the public.

Comprehensive Journalism

Our network news brands are leaders in practicing, promoting and defending the highest principles of journalistic integrity.

Much of popular journalism today comes with a political or ideological slant: it aims to win people to a point of view, not necessarily to an understanding of the facts. CNN does not try to appeal to a specific point of view or political constituency. To the contrary, the reporters, producers, editors and writers at CNN aim for comprehensive journalism. In their news coverage, they strive to present the whole story, fairly and completely, so that readers and viewers may come to their own conclusions. And in their presentation of opinion and analysis, they strive to represent a range of viewpoints.

Comprehensive journalism also means that we do not let our financial interests determine the topics we cover. Our reporters, producers, writers and editors cover issues that are newsworthy and of interest to our readers and viewers, not because an issue may be of interest to advertisers.

Editorial Policy

At CNN, integrity and accuracy are of the utmost importance to the brand, and systems are in place to maintain them. For example, stories are thoroughly reviewed by producers and particularly sensitive stories are reviewed further by a team of senior editors, standards and practices specialists, and lawyers before they are broadcast.

User Generated Content

CNN has won its global audience by meeting peoples' need for accurate and up-to-the-minute information they can rely on for understanding issues and making decisions. As one of the leading networks of citizen journalism in the world, CNN’s Social Discovery team has helped shed light on thousands of stories using the power of social media and citizen reporting, especially in areas where CNN's own journalists might be prohibited from entering or would face dangerous conditions. Citizen-generated reports are subject to the same strict review process that CNN applies to traditional reporting before they are included in CNN stories.

In addition to supporting our value of journalistic integrity, CNN iReport demonstrates Time Warner's commitment to diversity of viewpoints in a number of ways:

  • CNN iReports can come from anyone, regardless of background or beliefs.
  • CNN iReports can bring many eyes to the same story, so it's possible for readers to "see" the story from many points of view.