Warner Bros. Records and Public Broadcasting Service to Launch New Record Label

The Public Broadcasting Service and Warner Bros. Records Inc. have entered into a historic partnership with the creation of PBS Records, a showcase for music from the full spectrum of the network's award-winning television programming.

The announcement was made by Warner Bros. Records Vice Chairman David Altschul and Ervin S. Duggan, president and chief executive officer of the Public Broadcasting Service.

Under terms of the agreement, PBS Records will release music from performance programs, major PBS nonfiction series and other programming. Additionally, Warner Bros. Records will participate in the annual production of two music specials and companion recordings, as well as additional releases from other selected PBS programs.

Creative Artists Agency, which was instrumental in facilitating the agreement, will also be involved in the PBS Records venture on an ongoing basis.

Remarked Duggan: ``Our alliance with Warner Bros. Records, one of the most respected music companies in the world, will extend the impact of PBS' performances specials and nonfiction programming into a new medium. PBS Records will not only showcase a diverse group of talented and prominent international artists, but also new musicians who will reach beyond traditional public-television audiences.''

``PBS and Warner Bros. Records is a perfect match,'' commented Altschul. ``An emphasis on quality, a commitment to innovate and explore all aspects of creative expression, a proven appeal to discerning audiences and the ability to offer and initiate extraordinary musical programming are all part of our shared vision. With the creation of PBS Records, that vision has a new and exciting focus.''

Remarked John Beug, senior vice president of film and video production and marketing for Warner Bros. Records: `` `Synergy' may be an overused word, but if there was ever a venture to which it applied, this is it.

``From its inception, PBS has championed great music on television, and it's only natural that these wonderful performances should be made available to the record-buying public. All of us here at Warner Bros. are proud and excited to be able to present the very best of PBS in a whole new format.''

While a project slate for the five-year partnership has yet to be announced, it is anticipated that PBS Records will build on the network's reputation for airing top-quality music programming that has included such critically and popularly acclaimed broadcasts as ``The Eagles: Hell Freezes Over,'' ``The Dance Fleetwood Mac,'' ``Riverdance'' and the ``Great Performances'' production of ``Les Miserables.''

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