DC Comics Makes Announcement That it is Pleased to Announce its Market Share Leadership as the No. 1 Supplier of All Products to Comic Book Specialty stores 1997

DC Comics, the publishers of comics featuring Superman, Batman and other characters and MAD Magazine, is pleased to announce its market share leadership as the no. 1 supplier of all products to comic book specialty stores 1997, ccording to statistics released by Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. of Timonium, MD.

"We're thrilled with this news," Paul Levitz, Executive Vice President and Publisher of DC Comics. "It's success earned by a strong creative line-up in 1997, building on years of diversifying our content and format to attract a wider audience to our comics."

DC finished the year with a 21.58% market share of all products into specialty stores with its competitor Marvel Comics at 19.38% DC's actual dollar share of comics and magazines for 1997 was 25.78% to Marvel's 24.81%. The specialty stores account for over 80% of total sales for the comic book industry, and represent the only commonly measured segment.

"This banner year for DC marks the first time in the history of the comic book specialty market," said Roger Fletcher, Vice President -- Marketing Communications for Diamond, "that a publisher other than Marvel has placed number one. DC's strong showing can be attributed to a number of editorial successes combined with the significant advantage gained with its industry-leading backlist and sales of ancillary merchandise. DC enjoyed an exemplary year!"

Added Levitz, "We acknowledge that we finally surpassed Marvel in a year when they were troubled," referring to Marvel's legal problems, "but this shift is the culmination of a trend over many years. We're proud to add documented sales leadership to our acknowledged creative leadership of the comics field, and look forward to an even more exciting 1998."

DC Comics is a division of Warner Bros., a Time Warner Entertainment company. Since 1938, DC has created over 5000 characters, including the world's most popular super-heroes: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. These and other characters have starred in comic books, movies, television, TV animation, the Broadway stage and cyberspace.

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