Camelot Comes to the Internet --

A magical multimedia experience awaits in the new teaser Web site launched Friday for the first full-length, fully animated feature from Warner Bros. Feature Animation, "Quest For Camelot."

The site is located at .

Filled with action and excitement, romance and comedy, "Quest For Camelot" is set in England in the days when King Arthur was newly crowned and the countryside was filled with brave knights and noble deeds. It follows the adventures of Kayley (Jessalyn Gilsig, with singing by Andrea Corr), a lively and strong-willed girl, and Garrett (Cary Elwes, sung by Bryan White), a young blind man who proves to be a worthy knight.

Together they begin a quest to stop the evil Ruber (Gary Oldman) from capturing King Arthur's (Pierce Brosnan) magical sword Excalibur and, with it, the kingdom of Camelot. Kayley and Garrett must also rescue the kidnapped Lady Juliana (Jane Seymour), Kayley's beautiful widowed mother.

Along the way, they meet a variety of memorable characters including a comical two-headed dragon, Devon & Cornwall (Eric Idle and Don Rickles) and the evil Griffin (Bronson Pinchot) -- and face down the evil knight Ruber.

On the Web, as visitors enter the kingdom of Camelot to meet Kayley, Garrett, Devon & Cornwall and the others, they'll be treated to a delightful duet, "If I Didn't Have You," sung by the two-headed dragon himself (or, themselves!).

The site also features five specially created color character posters featuring Devon & Cornwall, Kayley, Garrett, the evil knight Ruber and the adorable Bladebeak, Ruber's reluctant sidekick with a heart of gold. Collect them all!

As kids visit their favorite characters' pages, they'll be treated to coloring pages to be downloaded and printed at home, a castleful of color animation images and audio clips of the soundtrack songs from Academy Award-winner Carole Bayer-Sager and 14-time Grammy-winner David Foster.

"Quest For Camelot" opens nationally in May 1998.

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