Time Warner Chairman Gerald Levin Announces an Intern Program with China's Fudan University

January 20, 1998

Time Warner Chairman and CEO Gerald Levin announced that Time Warner is establishing an intern program with China's Fudan University.

In a speech delivered today at Fudan University in Shanghai, Mr. Levin said, "Time Warner is eager to become a growing part of the deepening dialogue and interaction between China and the United States. In this spirit, I am proud to announce that Time Warner is establishing an intern program that will annually afford several students here at Fudan University the chance to work abroad in different divisions of our company."

"This program will allow Chinese students," Mr. Levin said, "to gain first-hand experience of American media and entertainment." He added, "We, in turn, will gain new insights from their perspectives and viewpoints. History has taught both our peoples that it is impossible to live in isolation from the outside world. Today more than ever, we need to know more about each other."

In his remarks, Mr. Levin said, "I believe that the dialogue of ideas.....is vital to the economic and social progress of people everywhere. I am a realist. The differences among cultures and nations that arise from varying economic circumstances, belief systems and historical experiences aren't about to disappear. To some extent, they are inevitable. What isn't inevitable, however, is that these differences become distorted and embittered by caricatures and simplifications. Our differences need not be a threat to peaceful competition. Ignorance of one another-the refusal or inability to understand the full context of each others' beliefs and motives-is a threat."

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