Hit Adult Animated Series Todd McFarlane's Spawn Returns for a Second Season

April 17, 1998

Six New Episodes Beginning May 15, Exclusively on HBO

The war between Heaven and Hell heats up when the hit adult series TODD MCFARLANE'S SPAWN kicks off its second season of six shows FRIDAY, MAY 15 (midnight-12:30 a.m. ET), followed by other shows on subsequent Fridays at the same time, exclusively on HBO. The first series from HBO Animation, this visually striking, cutting-edge show is based on the smash-hit comic book of the same name created by Todd McFarlane, who serves as executive producer. Returning voices include Keith David (HBO's "Don King: Only in America") as Spawn and Richard Dysart ("LA Law") as Cogliostro. Shirley Walker ("John Carpenter's Escape from L.A.," "Turbulence," "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm") composes the score.

TODD MCFARLANE'S SPAWN tells the story of CIA operative Al Simmons, who dies violently in the line of duty. Unable to handle the sorrow of parting from his wife Wanda, he cuts a deal with the devil Malebolgia for a second chance on earth, not grasping the consequences of his decision. Returned to Earth five years after his death, without his memories but with incredible powers, he is the central figure in the battle between good and evil, encountering other forces that play a role in Hell's plan, among them drug dealers, government traitors, crooked politicians and some unlikely allies.

May's shows:

  • Episode: "Home Bitter Home"
    Debut: FRIDAY, MAY 15 (midnight-12:30 a.m.)
    Other playdates: May 17 (1:10 a.m.) and 20 (12:10 a.m.)
    Eager to recover their missing, traceable stash of illegal weapons, corrupt government leaders dispatch their henchman Chapel -- the man who brutally murdered Al. Spawn and Chapel engage in a tremendous battle, which ends with Chapel going mad at the discovery that his former partner has returned from the dead. Meanwhile, Terry investigates the missing arms shipment.
    Written by Larry Brody, John Shirley and John Leekley & Rebekah Bradford; directed by Jennifer Yuh.
  • Episode: "Access Denied"
    Debut: FRIDAY, MAY 22 (midnight-12:30 a.m.)
    Other playdates: May 24 (12:20 a.m.) and 27 (11:30 p.m.)
    Terry is on the run after being framed by Wynn for the illegal sale of arms to foreign nations. Although tortured by Clown with thoughts of Wanda married to his best friend Terry, Spawn reluctantly comes to Terry's rescue.
    Written by Larry Brody, John Shirley and John Leekley & Rebekah Bradford; directed by Tom Nelson.
  • Episode: "Colors of Blood"
    Debut: FRIDAY, MAY 29 (midnight-12:30 a.m.)
    Other playdates: May 31 (11:30 p.m.) and June 2 (2:40 a.m.)
    Spawn overcomes his ambivalence to the plight of the homeless, who are being terrorized in the alley by drug dealers, and rescues them -- only to realize he has once again contributed to Malebolgia's master plan. Wynn visits the Fitzgerald home, seeking information from Wanda about Terry.
    Written by Rebekah Bradford & John Leekley and Victor Bumbalo; directed by Mike Vosburg.

Launching on HBO in May 1997, TODD MCFARLANE'S SPAWN was hailed by Rolling Stone as "an excellent new HBO series" and by TV Guide as "stylish." Swing Magazine said, "This freakish cartoon character is set to take over the world," while the Denver Post called the series a "masterfully illustrated trip," observing that the "strange world of Spawn keeps HBO on the cutting edge."

The HBO Home Video release of the first six shows became the best-selling HBO original production in the company's history, and was certified platinum by the ITA only a few months after its release in August 1997.

Currently available in 40 countries in 16 different languages, Spawn has been a top 10 comic since its introduction in 1992, consistently outselling Batman, Superman and Spiderman. The action figures based on the comic book, currently available in 15 different countries, have sold more than 10 million units to date. McFarlane's toy company also creates action figures for the upcoming "X-Files" motion picture, rockers KISS and Marilyn Manson, and many others. The live-action feature film "Spawn: The Movie" had a successful theatrical run last summer.

Featured voices on TODD MCFARLANE'S SPAWN include Keith David (Spawn), Richard Dysart (Cogliostro), Michael Nicolosi (Clown and Amos), Dominique Jennings (Wanda Blake), Victor Love (Terry Fitzgerald and Bobby), John Rafter Lee (Jason Wynn), Michael McShane (Gareb), Ruben Santiago-Hudson (Jess Chapel) and Ming Na Wen (Lisa Wu).

Supervising director Eric Radomski's credits include the Emmy(r)-winning animated series "Batman," "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" and HBO Animation's "Spicy City."

The executive producer of TODD MCFARLANE'S SPAWN is Todd McFarlane; supervising producer, Catherine Winder; co-producers, Karen Horne and Terry Fitzgerald; produced by John Kafka; supervising director, Eric Radomski; music by Shirley Walker; developed for television by Alan McElroy.

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