America Online, Unilever Announce Three-Year Interactive Marketing Agreement

Leading Global Advertiser Will Have Prominent Presence All Across AOL, Including Customized Programming DULLES, VA, July 1, 1998 - America Online, Inc. [NYSE: AOL], the world's leading Internet online service, and Unilever (N.V./PLC), the global leader in consumer packaged goods, today announced a three-year global interactive marketing agreement that is the single largest commitment to the interactive medium made by any packaged goods marketer. Under the agreement, as many as 100 Unilever brands -- spanning consumer categories from cleaning and personal care products to foods and beverages -- will benefit from a prominent presence throughout the AOL service, with a focus on popular and contextually relevant areas covering such topics as cooking, entertainment, health & fitness, childcare, cosmetics and toiletries. Unilever brand advertising may also appear on CompuServe, America Online's interactive service designed for busy adults. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Unilever will have a global advertising presence on several of AOL's international services for specific packaged goods categories. In addition to AOL in the United States, international services covered by the agreement include AOL Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan and, later this year, Australia. In addition, Unilever brand messages may also appear in high-interaction areas of the service such as e-mail, message boards, and live auditorium events. The two companies also will jointly create customized programming and promotional areas. Bob Pittman, President and Chief Operating Officer of America Online, Inc., stated, "According to SMRB household projections, AOL families spend a total of $37 billion a year on groceries. Our breakthrough agreement with one of the world's leading consumer packaged goods companies underscores the growing power and momentum of interactive marketing and electronic commerce on a global scale." Mr. Pittman added, "It also says a great deal about Unilever's vision and marketing savvy that they are leading the way in capitalizing not only on the medium's unique capabilities but on AOL memberships' 'dream demographics' as well as AOL's broad global reach. The future of marketing in consumer products is online, and Unilever has gotten there 'first with the most.'" "Unilever intends to understand the process of interactive marketing better than anyone else, and today we've announced our commitment to developing a closer understanding of what our consumers want from the interactive medium," said Richard A. Goldstein, President and Chief Executive Officer, Unilever United States. "AOL has the best - and the most -- experience in cyberspace as far as communicating with its members to find out what they most want and need online, and we look forward to working with them to create new media programming and advertising for many of our key brands." Myer Berlow, AOL's Senior Vice President for Interactive Marketing, said, "Working together, our two companies can build on advantages like AOL's global scale and its unparalleled ability to put commerce in context. The combination of a ubiquitous presence throughout the service and customized programming and promotions will allow Unilever both to build its core brands worldwide and to reach its most likely customers in ways that strengthen loyalty and encourage purchases."

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