Follow the Yellow Brick Road in Stereo with The Story & Songs From The Wizard Of Oz,Due September 1 from Turner/Rhino

Features All the Greatest Songs & Scenesfrom the Most Beloved Film in History

With Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's 1939 masterpiece set forbig-screen theatrical rerelease this Christmas by Warner Bros., the TurnerClassic Movies Music/Rhino Movie Music soundracks partnership take anothertrip down the Yellow Brick Road on September 1 with the release of THESTORY & SONGS FROM THE WIZARD OF OZ.

The new, nearly-78-minute audio CD features all the favorite songs andscenes from the original movie that tell the whole enchanting tale - insplendid stereo sound.

Songs on the new CD include the Academy Award-winning "Main Title" and"Over The Rainbow" plus "Follow The Yellow Brick Road"/"We're Off To SeeThe Wizard," "Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead," "If I Only Had A Brain," andmore of Herbert Stothart's superb musical adaptations of the HaroldArlen/E.Y. Harburg tunes.

Among the classic scenes featured are "Toto, I've A Feeling We're Not InKansas Anymore," "Lions And Tigers And Bears, Oh, My!," "The Great AndPowerful Oz," "March Of The Winkies (O Eee Ahhh, Eeeo, Ahh)," "I'mMelting," and "There's No Place Like Home."

THE STORY & SONGS FROM THE WIZARD OF OZ stars the voices of Judy Garland(Dorothy); Frank Morgan (The Wizard); Ray Bolger (The Scarecrow); Bert Lahr(The Cowardly Lion); Jack Haley (The Tin Woodman); Billie Burke (Glinda);Margaret Hamilton (The Wicked Witch); Charley Grapewin (Uncle Henry); ClaraBlandick (Aunt Em); and the Singer Midgets (The Munchkins), with backingfrom the M-G-M Studio Orchestra and Chorus.

The new CD is based on the legendary 1956 mono soundtrack LP released byM-G-M Records, which sold five million copies. Due to technical limitationsat the time, the original LP's running time was 39 minutes; the newTurner/Rhino stereophonic edition doubles that.

Turner/Rhino's THE STORY & SONGS FROM THE WIZARD OF OZ will be available atretail, via RhinoDirect at 1-800-432-0020, and/or via the Rhino Website at (catalog #75516), for a suggested list of $16.98.

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