AOL's Entertainment Asylum Welcomes Today's Biggest Stars Online

February 16, 1999

Hollywood, CA, February 16, 1999: AOL's Entertainment Asylum, where the fans meet the stars, online, is quickly becoming the hot spot for celebrity chats. Just this year, fans have had the opportunity to chat with Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman, Adam Sandler, Collective Soul, Quincy Jones, Ron Howard, Mel Gibson, Sugar Ray and many more stars. Entertainment Asylum also brought fans backstage at the Golden Globes to chat with the award-winners online moments after they stepped offstage. Entartainment Asylum's online celebrity events can be found on AOL at AOL Keyword: EA Chat and on the Web at: Many of Entertainment Asylum's guests are chatting online for the very first time. Rod Stewart and Britney Spears each broke into AOL Live's Top Ten Individual Chats with their first online appearance. Britney debuted at #4 on the list in early January, appearing between Barbara Streisand and KoKo the Gorilla. Rod Stewart assumed the #4 spot on the list just last week. Both attracted over 30,000 people to their chats on AOL alone and both also attracted a large audience on the Web--in a simultaneous, interactive Webcast. "Rod Stewart and Britney Spears are two very different artists, but each has a huge online fan base that spans the world." Said Monica Dodi, CEO of Entertainment Asylum. "More and more celebrities are coming online and enjoying answering passionate and knowledgable questions directly from their fans." In just over the year and a half since launch, Entertainment Asylum has welcomed over 400 celebrities in-studio to be interviewed by fans around the world. "Studio-i," the world's first interactive Webcasting studio, enables celebrities to answer questions from fans on both AOL and the Web. The Web audience experiences streaming audio and video of the interview, accompanied by chat. The AOL audiences experiences a text chat accompanied by refreshed images of the celebrity. All interviews are available for viewing at any time following the chat, in Entertainment Asylum's On-Demand Archives on the Web. On AOL, fans will be able to access highlights of the events in slideshow format and can download transcripts of the chats. "We've been successful in creating a comfortable environment where celebrities can have fun with their fame, and with their fans," added Monica. "'Studio-i' makes going online, and reaching the largest possible audience on both AOL and the Web, easy, fun and intimate. This has made AOL's Entertainment Asylum a hot spot for celebrities who want to reach their fans online." Upcoming chats include: Wed, 2/17 9pm: Jake Gyllenhaal ò Chat with the star "October Sky" and learn all about this new film. Thurs, 2/18 7pm: Britney Spears ò Visit with this singing sensation and talk about her new CD "Baby One More Time" as she tries to top her last chat record. Thurs, 2/18 7:30pm: Soleil Moon Frye ò Chat with "Punkey Brewster" about her appearance on "Friends" as Joey's new girlfriend. Thurs, 2/18 9pm: Matthew McConaughey ò Welcome this "hot" actor and learn about his new role in Ron Howard's "EDtv." Sun, 2/28 11pm: Selma Blair ò Chat with "Zoe Bean" of the new WB TV show "Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane." March will bring even more exclusive online events. Stay tuned....

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