America Online Brasil Launches

Partnering with Leading Local Content Providers; Offering Convenience, Ease-of-Use, Global Community, Personalization, Cutting-Edge Communications Tools and World-Class Customer Service Academy Award Winning Actor Michael Douglas to Chat Live with AOL Members Directly from the AOL Brasil Launch Party Sao Paulo, Brasil, November 16, 1999 - America Online, Inc., the world leader in branded interactive services and content, and the Cisneros Group of Companies, one of the premier media, entertainment and telecommunications organizations in Latin America, today launched America Online Brasil, the newest member of the America Online global community and AOL Latin America's first local service. Developed and managed by Brasilians for Brasilians, America Online Brasil provides a dynamic new Internet online experience to Brasilian consumers -- combining America Online's hallmark ease-of-use and convenience with exclusive local content, free round-the-clock customer service including local billing, and access to the global community of over 19 million America Online members, now in 15 countries and seven languages. America Online Brasil also has partnered with leading local providers including Jornal do Brasil, Gazeta Mercantil, CBS Telenoticias, Gazeta Esportiva, IDG, Canal Web,, MegaTV, Reuters, 89 Rockwave, and Editoria Delta. In addition to these top-notch partners, the service offers its own homegrown content that includes news, finance, education, lifestyles, sports and travel. America Online Brasil offers consumers all the benefits of the Internet, as well as simple navigation, personalization features, and cutting-edge communications tools such as e-mail, Instant Messenger (TM), and Buddy List (TM), message boards and built-in chat. Bob Pittman, America Online President and Chief Operating Officer, commented: "We are extremely proud to join our world-class partner, the Cisneros Group, in launching our first service in Latin America -- America Online Brasil. Together, we are committed to ensuring the interactive medium becomes central and valuable to the everyday lives of our Brasilian members." Cisneros Group of Companies Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gustavo A. Cisneros said: "We are very pleased to partner with America Online to offer the sophisticated Brasilian marketplace the world's best Internet online experience with specialized local content. Brasilian consumers now can benefit from America Online's experience and expertise in interactive services and our leadership in Latin American media, entertainment and telecommunications." Charles Herington, AOL Latin America President and Chief Executive Officer, stated: "Brasil ranks among the most promising markets in the world for interactive services. By combining unmatched local content with America Online's signature convenience and ease-of-use, America Online Brasil will lead the way in turning the interactive medium into a mass-market phenomenon throughout Latin America." America Online Brasil President Francisco Loureiro remarked: "America Online Brasil is the most dynamic interactive service available in the Brasilian market. Created by Brasilians for one of the world's fastest-growing Internet consumer, America Online Brasil offers a unique look and feel, with exclusive content from leading local partners, free customer service and next-generation features." AOL Latin America plans to launch additional America Online services in Mexico and Argentina next year. Members to Benefit from an Array of Features America Online Brasil members have access to an unparalleled array of next-generation features and functionality that help to deliver, at no extra cost, the best interactive experience available anywhere. These features include: ** Comprehensive E-mail Capabilities: America Online makes it easy for members to customize and personalize their e-mail with: spelling check; expressive fonts and colors; the ability to attach multiple files to an e-mail; a versatile address book that alphabetizes automatically and include entries for personal data; and the ability to insert favorite pictures and Favorite Places links directly into an e-mail message. ** Easy, Reliable Access: America Online members can access the service reliably in more than 110 countries worldwide -- taking their America Online Brasil service with them regardless of where they travel. ** Unrivaled Community: AOL's People Connection is the gateway to America Online's community of over 19 million members worldwide, offering thousands of chat rooms bringing people with similar interests together. Members can also create their own chats with friends, family or colleagues through AOL's Buddy Chat (TM) feature. America Online's thousands of message boards are yet another way members can communicate with each other on areas of shared interest, and the America Online member directory provides a quick way to find friends online. ** Instant Worldwide Communication: A pioneering innovation that's faster and more direct than e-mail, AOL's Buddy List Network enables real-time, one-on-one communication among more than 45 million users including America Online members and their friends on the Internet via instant messages. AOL's Buddy List (TM) feature lets members know when their friends, family and business colleagues are also online. ** Simple Navigation within America Online and on the Web: A simplified and integrated tool bar increases productivity by offering members seamless movement between America Online and the Web - leading to faster access to online and Internet areas. Members only have to enter an address, whether on America Online or on the Internet, and the new toolbar will transport them directly to the site. And with America Online's thousands of keywords, members can easily find what they are looking for within the America Online service. ** A Customized, Secure Internet Experience: America Online provides members with the technology and tools for a safe and secure Internet experience including: "Mail Controls," which give members the ability to decide specifically who they receive e-mail from; the "Notify AOL" feature, which allows members to easily contact America Online for help; the "Download Sentry Alert" which reminds members not to download files attached to e-mail sent from strangers; and America Online 's Integrated Web Security Browser, which provides one of the most secure online shopping experiences available in cyberspace. ** Multiple Screen Names: The availability of five "screen names" or e-mail accounts per membership -- at no additional charge -- means that the whole family can share in the America Online experience. ** Parental Controls: To help parents ensure that their child's interactive time is fun, productive and safe, America Online Brasil offers members "Parental Controls," which enable parents to tailor the online experience to their child's age and maturity. Michael Douglas to Chat With AOL Members Live From Sao Paulo, Brasil Academy Award-winning actor/producer and AOL fan Michael Douglas (Wall Street, Disclosure, Fatal Attraction, etc.) will chat live from the launch of America Online Brasil in Sao Paulo, Brasil to discuss his acting and producing career. The chat is scheduled for 8:30 PM (EST) and members can join the chat by going to Keyword: AOL Live.

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