America Online Launches AOL Mail on the Web

DULLES, VA -- November 22, 1999 -- America Online, Inc. (NYSE: AOL), the world's leading interactive services company, today announced the launch of AOL Mail on the Web on its official Web site, AOL.COM ( AOL Mail on the Web is one of the "AOL Anywhere" suite of products available on AOL.COM that extend the benefits of AOL to the Web and other emerging interactive platforms. AOL Mail on the Web makes it even easier and more convenient for AOL members to access their AOL e-mail when they are away from their personal computer or do not have access to the AOL service -- while at work, school or when traveling -- at no additional charge and without having to download any additional software or plug-ins. By entering their AOL screen name and password on the AOL.COM home page, members can now read, save, respond to, and forward their AOL e-mail, as well as create and send new e-mail messages. According to the recently released 1999 AOL / Roper Starch Cyberstudy, 88% of those surveyed say that they regularly communicate with friends and family online. These online Americans also prefer using e-mail to communicate with business associates (48%) and coworkers (47%). Now, with AOL Mail on the Web, AOL members can access their AOL e-mail from any Internet connected computer - PC, Macintosh, or UNIX. Barry Schuler, President of AOL Interactive Services said: "With our 'AOL Anywhere' initiative, we plan to extend the benefits of AOL to emerging interactive platforms like television, wireless telephones, and other devices like handheld organizers and pagers. We believe that our members want to use their AOL e-mail addresses and other valued features wherever they are. The new AOL Mail on the Web is just one of the many ways we're carrying out that goal." John Ayers, Vice President of said: "Our focus group testing shows that AOL Mail on the Web easily identifies what the benefits of this product are for our members: easy, quick access to their e-mail no matter where they are. Additionally, since we launched the precursor to AOL Mail on the Web -- AOL NetMail (TM) -- in 1997, we have made substantial improvements to the look and feel and also the user interface that will enhance the overall member experience." AOL Mail on the Web Features: Access to AOL E-mail From Work or School: People who have a personal AOL account at home and a separate Internet connection at work or school can now easily check their AOL e-mail during the day by going directly to AOL.COM (, and typing in their AOL screen name and password. Access to AOL E-mail While Traveling: Business and leisure travelers can quickly and easily access their AOL e-mail from a hotel or airport kiosk or other computer that has an Internet connection without having to install AOL software onto a new or borrowed machine. Ability to Read and Send E-mail Easily from the Web: With AOL on the Web, you can exchange e-mail with friends, family, and business colleagues just as easily as you would from the AOL service. With a similar look and feel of the familiar AOL e-mail environment, AOL Mail on the Web provides quick and easy access to e-mails and provides basic e-mail features and functionality such as Reply, Forward, Keep as New, Attachments, Print, and the ability to create and send new messages. Wide Compatibility: AOL Mail on the Web does not require any downloads, and Active X controls, Plug-ins or Java applets are not needed. AOL Mail on the Web will allow access from any Internet-connected computer -- PC, Macintosh or UNIX -- that is running a Web browser equivalent to or higher than Internet Explorer 3.0 and Netscape 3.0. Benefits of "AOL Anywhere": AOL Mail on the Web is a product of the "AOL Anywhere" initiative, which makes it possible for AOL members to enjoy popular features of the AOL services -- such as access to AOL e-mail -- via the Web and emerging interactive platforms. Secure, Encrypted Login: AOL Mail on the Web provides a secure encrypted login using SSL to protect AOL members' screen names and passwords. AOL Mail on the Web is available at AOL.COM:

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