to Launch Cartoon Orbit

Kids Can Collect, Trade and Compete in New Online Community

This October, will take kids' love of collecting and trading into the digital world with the launch of Cartoon Orbit, a new online community that combines the world's largest animation library with the interactivity of the Internet to let kids build their own personalized cartoon worlds. Kids will be able to collect, play with and trade their favorite characters, and chat with other members of the Cartoon Orbit community in a kid-friendly environment.

"From comic books to trading cards, kids have always had a passion for collecting, trading and showing off their treasures, " said Jim Samples, general manager of Cartoon Network Online. "Cartoon Orbit updates this activity for the Internet age so a kid can not only engage in these activities with friends in their own neighborhoods, but with cartoon enthusiasts in a worldwide online community."

Cartoon Orbit is a registration-based community giving members a variety of fun ways to play and interact by collecting digital cartoon character icons called cToons, which are similar to electronic trading cards but feature favorite animated characters such as The Powerpuff Girls, Scooby-Doo and Fred Flintstone. New members of the Cartoon Orbit community will be awarded points, which they can use to buy new cToons from the cMart. cToons will vary in value and features, such as sound or animated elements. For example, one cToon featuring Dino from THE FLINTSTONES wags his tail and barks when a user clicks their mouse on him. All cToons will be available in limited quantity with some being more rare than others.

Cartoon Orbit will encourage kids to collect, play, compete, trade and interact with others as described below:

  • Collect: Kids have always enjoyed collecting everything from marbles and baseball cards to action figures. With Cartoon Orbit, kids collect their favorite cartoon characters in a digital format, mixing and matching characters from different shows at will. They can then show off their collections on their personal Web page, called a cZone. For instance, a kid can place Johnny Bravo, Barney Rubble and Judy Jetson in a SCOOBY-DOO haunted mansion. Each icon is created and distributed in limited quantities, making the most rare cToons potentially highly valuable and sought-after. Kids will earn points to acquire new cToons or trade with other Cartoon Orbit users.

  • Play: Each member of Cartoon Orbit will play and display their collection of cToons on their cZone. cZone designs will be based upon favorite Cartoon Network cartoons like THE POWERPUFF GIRLS, SCOOBY-DOO, THE FLINTSTONES AND DEXTER'S LABORATORY. Users can decorate their cZone by dragging and dropping characters from their collections onto the site. Kids will stay on their own cZone and activate their special characteristics or visit other Cartoon Orbit members to see their collections.

  • Trade: When kids visit each others' cZones, they will invariably see other cToons they want for their own collections. Cartoon Orbit's Trading Floor enables this through real-time and asynchronous trading. Users will employ pre-determined messages to negotiate a deal, while other viewers can watch a trade and even comment on it while it happens.

  • Compete: Kids love to compete with each other. On Cartoon Orbit, kids will compete with each other to build the best cZones by collecting and buying cToons, arranging them in the most appealing way and attracting visitors to their sites. Users may be awarded extra points for building impressive cZones, which they can then spend to acquire new cToons. Other Cartoon Orbit members may be rewarded for having the most cToons displayed, attracting the most visitors or having the coolest design. The best sites will be recognized on the Centersphere, which serves as a town square for Cartoon Orbit.

  • Interact: Cartoon Orbit also features a chat function that will allow users to communicate with each other using pre-determined phrases, giving them the chance to compliment each other's cZones, start a trade negotiation or simply learn more about other community members.

Cartoon Orbit is dedicated to protecting the safety, privacy and anonymity of its members. Cartoon Network Online created a closed messaging system, randomly generated screen name and graphic icons to identify members so that Cartoon Orbit players can interact with each other in a safe, anonymous way.

Cartoon Orbit will feature banner advertising and other sponsorship opportunities and is designed in a way that is kid-friendly and easy to understand. Internet users will reach Cartoon Orbit through

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