Look Who's Talking: America Online Launches 'AOL By Phone' With Access To E-Mail By Simple Voice Commands

October 25, 2000

DULLES, VA, October 25, 2000 -- America Online, Inc. (NYSE: AOL), the world's leading interactive services company, today announced the launch of "AOL by Phone," a revolutionary new service that enables AOL's more than 25 million members to check their e-mail and access other popular AOL features conveniently through simple, spoken commands from any telephone. An important component of the "AOL Anywhere" strategy, "AOL by Phone" provides members with simple and convenient access to key applications like news, stock quotes, weather and e-mail no matter where they are. Ted Leonsis, President of AOL Interactive Properties, said: "AOL by Phone's launch marks an important milestone of making AOL's features and services available to our members through the most ubiquitous of devices -- the telephone. Now, where there's a phone, there's AOL. Combined with all of our other 'AOL Anywhere' initiatives, and our fantastic roster of leading brands like MapQuest, Digital City, and Moviefone, AOL delivers a new level of convenience and benefits to our members." AOL by Phone was developed with Quack.com, a leading voice portal company that AOL acquired in August 2000. The AOL/Quack voice platform utilizes voice recognition technology provided by SpeechWorks International and its Speechify (TM) Text-to-Speech engine. The benefits of AOL by Phone include: ** Get AOL Anywhere, Anytime: With the convenience of AOL by Phone, AOL members can check their e-mail, the latest CNN headline news, weather and stock quotes wherever they are - at home, running errands, in a meeting, at the mall or at the airport - through simple voice commands. ** Convenient and Easy to Use: Using AOL by Phone is simple. Members call 1-800-AOL-1234 to access the service and then they are greeted by a friendly human voice host who guides them to the information they want to find online. AOL members respond to the service simply by using their voice, in "plain English," and it takes only minutes to review their e-mail, check the weather forecast for anywhere in the U.S., get stock prices, news headlines and more. ** Personal Preferences: For added convenience, AOL by Phone makes it easy for AOL members to get just the information they want when they call. For example, AOL by Phone will automatically default to the weather for the area code they are calling from. As with all of the "AOL Anywhere" services, AOL works to adapt its features to the specific device on which they are available - to deliver the best possible experience for consumers. AOL will continue to provide additional features for the AOL by Phone service to bring added convenience, ease-of-use and value to members' lives. For the next few months, AOL by Phone will be free to all AOL members to use and enjoy. The features will continue to grow and expand to offer added value and convenience, and beginning in February of 2001, the service will cost a flat monthly rate of $4.95 for all AOL members. Availability AOL by Phone can be accessed in the U.S. by calling 1-800-AOL-1234, from home phones, cell phones, payphones and even rotary phones. AOL members will need to register to use the service at AOL Keyword: AOL by Phone.

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