Twenty Latin American Leaders of the Internet Named by CNN en Espa·ol

November 16, 2000

Profiles of the Leaders to be featured on CNN en Español, and

CNN en Español has named 20 "Latin Americans Leaders of the Internet." Twenty men and women, pioneers and innovators—in areas such as portals, the new e-conomy, dotcoms, programming and the digital connection—are being profiled beginning Thursday, Nov. 16, on CNN en Español, and for their contributions to the Internet in Latin America.

The 20 "Latin American Leaders of the Internet" are:

  • Charly Alberti, CEO of, founder of—Dotcoms
  • Wenceslao Casares, founder and CEO,—New e-conomy
  • Alec Oxenford, founder and CEO,—New e-conomy
  • Martín Varsavsky, CEO of Carpe Diem Holdings—Digital Connection
  • Eugenio Zanetti, director of Quantum Project, first Hollywood film for the Internet—Dotcoms
  • Rodrigo Baggio, founder/president of the Committee to Democratize Information Technology—Digital Connection
  • Luis Frias, executive president of Universo Online—Portals
  • Marco Aurelio Garib, founder and president of Brazil's EverSystems—New e-conomy
  • Javier Etcheberry, director of SII (Servicios de Impuestos Internos)—Digital Connection
  • Florencio Utreras, director de Reuna, Red Universitaria Nacional—Digital Connection
  • César Torrente, president of Certynet—New e-conomy
    Costa Rica
  • Ricardo Toledo, postmaster general—Digital Connection
    Dominican Republic
  • Carlos Miranda, CEO of Grupo Interconect; Internet advisor to the president—Dotcoms
  • Jorge Alor, CEO, Grupo ALCE Digital—Dotcoms
  • Luis Roberto Acosta Ramos, SIMA (International Environmental Monitoring System)—Programmers
  • Miguel de Icaza, CEO of Helix Code, Inc.—Programmers
  • Josefina Huamán, president of Alternativa and on the board of directors of the Red Cientifica Peruana—Digital Connection
  • Fernando Espuelas, CEO StarMedia—Portals
  • Adriana Lozada, co-founder and chief creative officer of—Dotcoms
  • Alejandro Zubillaga, CEO of E-quest Partners—New e-conomy

"These are extraordinary individuals who have set the bar for the way Latin America communicates via Internet," said Rolando Santos, president of CNN en Español. "They have demonstrated leadership through their striking accomplishments and CNN en Español is proud to recognize their efforts."

"We are grateful to our advertising partners at Compaq who have made this very worthwhile project a reality," said Michael Ginn, senior vice president of advertising sales for Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) Latin America, Inc.

CNN en Español's "Latin American Leaders of the Internet" were chosen for being trendsetters, for achieving success and for being original, creative and on the cutting edge of their respective fields. The leaders will announced on Thursday, Nov. 16, at 9 p.m. (ET) during a 90-minute forum hosted by CNN en Español anchors Patricia Janiot and Daniel Viotto live from CNN Center in Atlanta. Profiles of the 20 leaders will begin to air on CNN en Español during the weeks following the Nov. 16 forum.

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