TBS to have New Look, New Logo and New Tag Line starting Friday, June 4

Network Brand Image Campaign to be Supported by Sex and the City Series Launch and Original Reality Fare from Top Producers such as Mike Fleiss, Bruce Nash and Evolution Film & Tape, Inc.

Publicis New York Helms Creative for Network's Brand Image Advertising Campaign;

Cliff Freeman & Partners Oversee Creative for TBS Programming Initiatives in Support of Brand Launch

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc's, ground-breaking entertainment network, TBS, will have a new look, a new logo and new tag line - "tbs very funny" - starting Friday, June 4. The network's new branding initiative will be driven by heavy on-air and cross-channel with brand image creative executions developed by Publicis New York. The network brand will be highlighted by programming such as the exclusive June launch of Sex and the City and original reality fare from top producers such as Mike Fleiss, Bruce Nash and Evolution Film & Tape, Inc., augmenting TBS's already strong line-up of top sitcoms, including Seinfeld and Friends, in addition to top theatrical titles.

"The TBS brand will further differentiate the network while targeting desired young adult demographics coveted by advertisers, where the network is already among the most successful in the industry," said Steve Koonin, executive vice president and chief operating officer for TBS and Turner Network Television (TNT).

"In a single television universe, focused entertainment brands are best able to deliver core targets and create an increased value for advertisers and operators as a result," said Mark Lazarus, president of Turner Entertainment Group.

The TBS target and positioning were developed through extensive demographic, psychographic and sales research. The network's core target, the comedy lovers, are young adults, who are well-educated, affluent for their age, dual-gender and love comedic programming of all types. TBS will be the home for comedy lovers and will make viewers laugh out loud and feel good by connecting them to comedy with the stories and characters that they love.

The wide-ranging marketing and programming efforts in support of the TBS branding initiative include:

New Logo, New On-Air Look and Packaging

The branding initiative kicks off June 4 when the network unveils its new on-air look. The TBS On-Air group is developing new packaging, network ID's and other elements to highlight the many facets of comedy found on the network. The new logo embodies the TBS brand positioning -- fun, relatable, youthful and comedy-based -- helping to further differentiate TBS in the marketplace.

New Brand Image Advertising Debuts New Tagline

As part of the brand initiative for TBS, the network will introduce a new tag line and advertising campaign starting Friday, June 4th. For this, Publicis New York is working with TBS to develop and produce an image campaign for the network that will appear on-air and on cross on the Turner family of networks. Using the new tagline -- "tbs very funny" -- the campaign is designed to establish TBS as a destination for comedy lovers.

According to David Droga, Publicis Worldwide chief creative officer, "We were really handed a wonderful opportunity by TBS. Comedy is such a subjective thing, yet TBS always seems to get it right. So why not take the high ground and position TBS as the definitive authority on humor. I think the Publicis team has done a fantastic job by creating a campaign that has strong immediate appeal and significant staying power."

The "tbs very funny" campaign leverages the fact that TBS is an authority on comedy and is the network to watch for some of best comedic programming in the world. Each commercial centers on a TBS telephone operator who is answering a kind of comedy "help line." A wide range of callers, who are unsure if something is funny or not, call in, get their situation evaluated and receive the official decision on funny.

In one of the spots entitled "Buttons", a factory worker calls a TBS operator to see if what she has just witnessed is funny. It is revealed that the woman's foreman has mis-buttoned his coveralls, putting the number two button in the number four hole. For a proper ruling, however, the operator asks her a series of in-depth questions. Facts such as the woman's disdain for the foreman, his rooster-like posture and his exposed belly hair, lead to a TBS rating of 'quite funny' and permission to laugh.

In addition to the brand image creative from Publicis New York, Cliff Freeman & Partners is overseeing creative for TBS programming initiatives that link the brand positioning to TBS's portfolio of top sitcoms in its line-up to support the brand message.

On-Line Support

TBS will also relaunch its network website (www.tbs.tv) with a new look, improved navigation and new content for viewers.


Sex and the City joins the TBS prime schedule in June, with Everybody Loves Raymond and Yes, Dear coming later in the summer. These programs will augment TBS's already powerful slate of contemporary sitcoms including Seinfeld, Friends and Home Improvement. The network welcomes King of Queens to the line-up in 2006.

In addition to the previously announced slate of reality series, TBS is announcing that Mike Fleiss will now executive produce Gilligan's Island and a new series project from Evolution Film & Tape, Inc. that tests the limits of gender-bending. The TBS slate of reality series are:

GILLIGAN'S ISLAND: Mike Fleiss (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, High School Reunion) is set to executive-produce the new reality series based on the popular sitcom to shift the concept to the reality genre. It will feature a real-life skipper, first mate, millionaire couple, movie star, Kansas farm girl and professor. And, like the original show, they'll work together to try to get off the island. Episodes will be modeled after some of the situations that occurred on the original sitcom. The creator of the original Gilligan's Island sitcom, Sherwood Schwartz, and his son, Lloyd Schwartz, will also serve as executive producers. Currently in pre-production, the series is set to premiere in Fourth Quarter 2004.

OUTBACK JACK: Bruce Nash's Nash Entertainment (Meet My Folks, For Love or Money, Who Wants to Marry My Dad?) puts 12 pampered, city women to the test as they vie for the affections of a rugged Australian adventurer. They are shocked to discover the potential man of their dreams is not living a life of luxury, but roughing it in one of the world's most unforgiving terrains. Over the course of eight episodes, the women will have to decide if they can make it in the Outback without their make-up and designer shoes to win the affection of their handsome hero. Currently in production, the series will air this summer.

Untitled Evolution Film & Tape, Inc. Project: In development for TBS from Evolution Film & Tape, Inc., a reality series that pits macho men against each other in a competition to see who can be the best woman. Former truck drivers, football players and construction workers will realize life isn't so easy in four-inch heels, a wig and lipstick. They'll learn that lesson during three weeks in a pink-on-pink penthouse as they attempt to convince viewers and a panel of judges that they can live, work and play "like a lady."

OUT-FOXXED: This hidden-camera show, hosted by Kel Mitchell (Kenan and Kel, All That) and executive-produced by Jamie Foxx, Marcus King (The Jamie Foxx Show) and Stu Schreiberg of Triage Entertainment, gives family members an opportunity to "out-foxx" each other with hidden-camera pranks.

Untitled Candace Bushnell Project: Hosted by Candace Bushnell (Sex and the City) and produced by September Films (Bridezillas, Single in the City), this show takes four single girls on a hunt for love in New York City. The show will follow the girls at work and at play, watching them date and convene regularly to swap dating notes and maybe even dates.

In addition, TBS will remain a destination for movies with upcoming broadcast premieres such as Zoolander, Rat Race, Legally Blonde, Austin Powers in Goldmember and I Spy, in addition to TBS premieres including A Knight's Tale, What Women Want, Bridget Jones' Diary, The Birdcage, Men in Black, Kate and Leopold, Ace Ventura: When Nature Call and The Truman Show, among dozens of others.

TBS is television's "very funny" network, serving as home to such hot contemporary comedies as Seinfeld and Friends, with Sex and the City, Everybody Loves Raymond and Yes, Dear joining the line-up this summer; high-profile original reality series; blockbuster movies; hosted movie showcases; and action-packed sports from the worlds of Major League Baseball and Pac 10 and Big 12 college football.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner company, is a major producer of news and entertainment product around the world and a leading provider of programming for the television industry.

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