History-Making Comedy Series "The Big Bang Theory" Will Now be Written in the Stars as The Big Bang Dipper!

Twitter Pitch: #BigBangDipper! Popular asterism* to be renamed as @BigBangTheory takes to the stars in a historic first! Details here: https://bit.ly/2WAi59z

(April 1, 2019) — In a historic first, Warner Bros. Television’s The Big Bang Theory is boldly going where no other multicamera comedy has gone before…to the stars! In celebration of the historic final season, and as a lead-up to the series finale episode on May 16 (8/7c on CBS), the popular “Big Dipper” asterism* in the Ursa Major constellation shall be renamed “The Big Bang Dipper.” Although, the International Star Registry has been naming stars since 1979, this is the first time that an individual or organization has named an entire grouping of stars! “The Big Bang Dipper” will continue to live on in interstellar infancy, just as the series continues to do in global syndication

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS and five nights a week in syndication. The acclaimed comedy ranks as the #1 entertainment series on broadcast network television among Adults 18–49 and Total Viewers for the 2018–19 television season to date. It will conclude its 12th season in May 2019 as the longest-running multicamera comedy in television history, with 279 episodes. In addition to centering many of its episodes in the worlds of science and technology, The Big Bang Theory enjoys a healthy appreciation and support from the scientific community at large.

noun: a prominent pattern or group of stars, typically having a popular name but smaller than a constellation. You watch The Big Bang Theory. You should know that!