RTL 4 Netherlands to Open up “The Repair Shop”

London, England & Cannes, France – Warner Bros. International Television Production (WBITVP) Netherlands and RTL Netherlands have today announced that the hit BBC show “The Repair Shop” has been commissioned for RTL 4.

“The Repair Shop” sees broken, battered and beloved artefacts and antiques expertly restored to their former glory in a workshop of skilled craftspeople. Participants see their cherished items lovingly repaired by a passionate team that includes furniture restorers, ceramics experts and horologists. Each item tells a unique story and brings to viewers engaging and emotional tales of what the objects mean to their owners and the impact of seeing them brought back to life.

Originally conceived and produced by WBITVP’s Ricochet, “The Repair Shop” debuted on BBC Two in 2017. Now into its fourth season and recently moved to BBC One, the show continues to charm huge audiences, achieving over 20% share and increasing its Season 3 audience by 23%.

Receiving equal critical acclaim, “The Repair Shop” was awarded Best Daytime Programme at the prestigious Royal Television Society (RTS) Awards in March of this year and has been described as “balm for the soul” by Radio Times UK and “the kindest thing I’ve ever seen” by The Guardian UK.

Commenting on the commissioning of a local version, Peter van der Vorst, Director of Content and Marketing at RTL said:

“I am very happy that we are bringing this BBC hit to RTL 4. The program is a unique combination of craftsmanship, precious objects and the personal stories that are connected to them. It is exciting to see how these objects are restored to their full glory, giving them a new future and bringing family history back to life. A program that fits perfectly with this time and with RTL4.”